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Material Options
Burma Paduak
Medium-Density Fiberboard
Box Styles
Flat Lid Boxes
Pin Hinge Boxes
Butt Hinge Boxes
Lift Lid Boxes
Sliding Lid Boxes
Joinery Options
Butt Joint
Miter Joint
Rabbet Joint
Box Joint (Finger Joint)
Customizing Options
Silk Screen Printing
Hot Branding
Foil Stamping
Laser Etching
Other Items
Packaging/Customizing/Silk Screen Printing

Silk Screen Printing Silk screening is a printing technique utilizing an ink-blocking or paint-blocking stencil. A roller or squeegee moves across the stencil and forces ink or paint through the open areas onto the packages surface. Single color or multi-color silk screenings are both available options. Hot branding – Using a high wattage electrical source, a brass die is heated. The hot die is then pressed into the wood. The logo, illustration, or text tooled onto the die is thus branded into the wood’s surface.

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